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GetNotify Email Tracking & Email Marketing Service Features

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Main Options
Email and Links Tracking  
Outbox with All Tracking Events + History  
Emails Per Month 150 (Max 5 per day) 100 (No daily limit)
+ 5 Extra Emails per day
700 (No daily limit)
+ 5 Extra Emails per day
Approved "From" Email Addresses 5 15 15
Read Notifications to Cellphone by SMS Text Messages Coming Soon Coming Soon
Tracking Information
Email Read Tracking  
Email Delivery Confirmation  
Email Read Duration for Each Email Read  
Date and time of each opening, and re-opening by all recipients  
Recipient Details - IP, Browser, Applications, Language and more...  
Recipient Geographical Location  
Use Your Own Image File as a Tracking Image  
Email Content Backup 6 Months 12 Months 12 Months
General Options
Send Tracked Email from Any Email Client, Provider or Browser  
Your own "Outbox" page on our web site holding complete tracking history of your emails for you to refer to at any time.  
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